Doctor Gifts GABE to Team Leader

Being a great office manager is extremely difficult. Managing the responsibility of delivering a world class patient experience, having a happy team and a satisfied doctor, is an art and a science. It can be a very lonely place. Gary introduced us to Gabe at AADOM and I knew that he was going to become my BFF. I asked my doctor to give me Gabe as my birthday present! Having the ability for GABE to train my team and be their humble servant for success is a dream come true.  Gabe is automating the recurring 80 percent of my day that drains me and this was my deciding factor to hire Gabe. Now, we have a step by step plan and structure to have our top three measurable goals turn out. Having the accountability and metric alerts ensure that we will land at our destination. The good news is that Gabe doesn’t even gossip!