GABE Helps Millennial Couple Leave Corporate Dentistry to Start a Complete Health Practice

I can remember it like it was yesterday, although it was almost a year ago.  I hated going to work. I was in the Caribbean at the Healthy Deserve Level Vacation Course. Picture me chest bumping Gary Kadi, Gabe’s Mentor and founder of Next Level Practice Methodology. We made a video to post on Instagram of me, my fiancé, Gary and a bunch of community members celebrating me going out on my own and hiring Gabe to help.  Why did I do it? YOLO You-Only-Live-Once.  I didn’t want to wake up one morning in my fifties, wondering what life could have been like as an entrepreneur. So that day on the beach, I told Gary to sign me up. Now, my fiancée and I go to work happy and we treat patients how we believe they deserve to be treated. Now that I have done the work to put the foundation in place, I am re-engineering a plan for my family and dream team to experience financial freedom!