I want to be financially free

With dental climate change being financially free is totally doable. While only 5% of dentlist retire finally free Gabe will teach you the SPF salary-profit-freakin equity of financial freedom. The earlier you start the better and you can jump on and course correct from where ever you are starting from.

I’m an owner that wants to bring on an associate

Bringing on as associate blindly can be taunting task. Understanding the key elements of the relationship is a science. Personal, dental and leadership values are important. Along with their skillset and fit socially are all key elements of the integration. Recruiting, onboarding and integrating for the long haul is GABE’s sweet spot.

I want to go from corporate dentistry to private practice

This is a big leap and an important one if you want to be financially free. Knowing how to buy the right practice, at the right price, will set you and your family up for clinical and financial success.

I want to be more profitable, I just don’t know how

Ever notice the more income you make, your expenses rise as well, leaving you with a flat bank account. You bank account and cash flow are usually the primary measures dental teams track. Building your top line by turning your biggest expense, your payroll, into a profit center while dramatically reducing each line item percentage.

I’m an associate who’s ready to be an owner

Understanding the many elements that makes a successful practice buy-in takes experience. Wealth creation happens knowing the front end facets that allow you to leverage your talent and assets. This is the difference maker that will allow you to quickly pay down debt.

Our production is stalled and we don’t know what to do

As you grow from 500K to 1M to 2M and beyond, you need to understand the key elements to scale your practice without adding extra hours and only minimal expense. Gabe and your accountability coach will teach you how to proactively isolate the areas of inefficiency using your behavior dashboard and prescribed training in the engaged learning lab.

We’ve lost our mojo and want it back

We often hear, ‘I can’t put my finger on what is going on in my practice, with my team or patients, but something doesn’t feel right.’ This is where having a non judgemental outsider like Gabe gives you perspective while prescribing a certain plan of action addressing root cause. This makes all the difference and you and your team will be hummin’ instead of bummin’.

I want a team driven practice

If you missed the hour course in leadership management, recruiting-hiring-onboarding Human Resources, team motivation and effective communication, you were really behind. 🙂 Engaging your team and aligning them to a common purpose driven to deliver world class total patient care is learned and can be trained. You may not have the time or expertise to handle this but Gabe does. Dentflix is your portal for training and inspiring your team.

We want to make a bigger difference with our patients and community

Drilling, filling and billing can only take you so far. Going from molar jockey to Complete Health Practitioner expands your purpose and impact on your patients and community.